Cabin view 2

Inuksuk Project

Atop of a mountain in Ste-Beatrix, in the beautiful region of Lanaudière (Quebec), an eco-hamlet is being formed around a common project, the Inuksuk project. It’s the owner and craftsman entrepreneur Benoît Lasalle, a specialist in the construction of log houses, whose the initiator of this eco-hamlet project for recreational and tourism purposes. The project involves the rental of the chalet Inuksuk, an Auberge to promote our activities (via the organization of workshops, conferences, events, …), the construction and the rental of eco small houses (shroom house (in construction since 2016), hobbit house, tipi, yurt, queenzy, tree house, kerterre), infrastructure for operations, recreational and educational activities (permaculture gardening, introduction to herbal medicine, wilderness survival, living like in the old days…), workshops (construction of rocket stoves, bread ovens, corded wood walls, forging, tanning animal pelts…) and some evening festivities (music, performances, screenings).

It is a gathering place, of learning and creativity, and we invite you to join in, in order to participate together in the finishing of the International Youth Hostel, in the construction of new ecological houses, and in the development of the gardens, etc.

–> Be part of the team during our Travaux D’Astérix* <—

NEXT WEEKEND MAY 26th to 28th, 2017


Chalet Inuksuk

Chalet Inuksuk (vue du jardin)
Chalet Inuksuk (construction 2002)


Auberge 3


Auberge Inuksuk (in construction since 2007)


Hobbit house
Hobbit house (construction 2009)


Tente médiévale
Medieval tent


Until today, it is the lack of funds that has slowed our work on the International Youth Hostel. We would like to continue to devote ourselves full time to finish it by the end of fall 2018 …. so any help is absolutely welcome!!! Welcome to all! Thank you for your support!



Links to our ‘Asterix works’ – organized chores around the construction project of the International Youth Hostel (fall 2013 -> fall 2016) – via our Facebook group!